Magic In Your Living Room


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Designed by Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living Room

This Pagan altar cloth or Wiccan altar cloth celebrates the Winter Solstice. It shows a shining Yule star and the light of the newly born sun. The center of this design is a pentacle which is also a traditional Christmas star.  And of course, it is in the traditional colors of red and green. Celebrate the goddess and the return of the light.

This is a beautiful altar cloth, either 18 inches. My altar cloths are 2-ply, a high quality cotton backed by a layer of cotton, for a nice weight on the altar. It's high quality cotton professionally printed from my design. If you want a customized version, get in touch with me. All sizes can be provided up to 35" square. I can also provide yardgoods with the design in different sizes.